In the year 2234, after world war 5 had finally ended, planet earth was left for more than 75% uninhabitable by humans.
What was left of the human population lived in poor conditions. Mayhem spread fast, causing outbreaks of rebellion to spread across the globe. Politicians were left scrambling to find something to keep the common people entertained with.
That thing became the International Boy Fights Association, or IBFA in short. An international fighting competition with preliminaries held all over Earth’s remaining capital cities. With the winner of the Quadrennial competition, gaining riches and international fame. Or at least until the next winner was announced.

What is Avalon?

Avalon is a plot driven multi-chapter visual novel game, released chapter by chapter. Set in a Futuristic Sci-fi world, where humanity let’s guys fight and “domininate” other guys for entertainment.
One thing that’s always difficult with comics, is the limitations on how much text you can add to pages, before it becomes too much. But with a visual novel, I can include a lot more plot and characters. So, expect a dark story, many characters, time jumps and plot twists.

The Fighters of Avalon

Experience the future world of Avalon!

Download the free demo today and get ready to be taken into a world of boy fights and lots of gay sex! 
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