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After being sent to live with his uncle while his mother is abroad, Tyler discovers that living with his straight uncle will require him to withstand temptation all around him.
Temptation at home from his Uncle’s habit of walking around barely dressed, to temptation at his new job at the gym. Where all the hot muscled guys on display causes his blood pressure to rise by the minute.
Avalon is a plot driven multi-chapter visual novel, released season by season. Set in a Futuristic Sci-fi world, where humanity let’s guys fight and “Domininate” other guys for entertainment.

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About is an adult, fantasy website depicting fictional relationships between 3D rendered characters in a dom/sub role play. As in all erotic fiction and fantasy pornography, the events rendered into photography are for entertainment use only and do not reflect any real-world acts. and its creators believe that sex of all kinds should begin and end from a place of enthusiastic, informed consent. All 3D characters are consenting adults and meant to portray a person of legal age.

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